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Win Your Battles Podcast

Resilience & Leadership for Business and Everyday Life.

Combat-Wounded Afghanistan War Veteran Brian Fleming discusses human resilience and leadership in business and everyday life to help you overcome your daily struggles and win your battles.

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Feb 16, 2018

Hate change? You may be leaving millions on the table. 

If more people understood how transitions and change reveal new hidden opportunities, they wouldn't fear it so much. In fact, they'd look forward to it. Now, you can too!

In fact, today's guest has literally built her entire business for those who are burdened by transition & change and has leveraged it to grow a successful, global business that outsources and creates career opportunities for military & veteran spouses who have a marketable business skill.

Do you know a military/veteran spouse who has a marketable skill and is looking to make money in the little time they do have? Connect them with Laura and her team today at: 



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